5 noiembrie 2008

Obama elected US president [Financial Times]

Barack Obama was elected president of the US on Tuesday night and declared a “new dawn of American leadership”, but warned the country of sacrifices and difficulties in the years ahead.

On a night when Congressional Democrats increased their majority, Mr Obama scored a crushing victory over John McCain, his Republican rival, becoming the first Democrat since Lyndon Johnson to win the White House with significantly more than 50 per cent of the vote.

In doing so, he easily defended the Democratic state of Pennsylvania and added a clutch of former Republican-held states, including Florida, Ohio, New Mexico and Iowa.

By early Wednesday Mr Obama was projected to win at least 338 electoral votes, well beyond the required 270.

The giant rally in Chicago’s Grant Park started the celebrations hours before returns from Pennsylvania showed Mr McCain would not secure the Democratic prize he targeted.

Obama aides said the senator had no plans for Wednesday – no announcements, no cabinet, no nominations.

By the close of polls, election-watchers estimated as many as 135m of the 188m registered had cast their ballots. That would represent the largest percentage turnout in a US presidential election for 100 years.

Late on Tuesday night Mr Obama e-mailed a thank-you note to his supporters. “We just made history,” he said. “All of this happened because of you.”

Sursa: Financial Times



Marcel spunea...

Am vazut ca era si optiunea ta!
:) Si a mea! :)

o picătură spunea...

mine too!!

Ireena spunea...

@marcel & picatura Woohoo!

Andreea Vaas spunea...

Ireena ti se pare fair planul lui de a impozita diferit in functie de castigul realizat? % ma refer gen pe transe

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