25 septembrie 2008


Stiu ca in mare parte toata lumea uraste sa primeasca leapsa, but now I'm a leapsa fan :D, mai ales ca nu am mai scris de ceva timp si nici inspiratia nu m-a lovit dintr-o data. So here it goes:

Yourself: chaotic
Your Spouse: not yet existent
Your Hair: almost not short
Your Mother: always there when you need her
Your Father: the Officer
Your Favorite Item: laptop
Your Dream Last Night: :D
Your Favorite Drink: screwdriver
Your Dream Car: my Toyota Aygo but with more power to riiiiide
The Room You Are In: spatious and cold
Your Ex: let's not go there
Your Fear: loneliness
What You Want To Be In Ten Years: happy
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: him
What You’re Not: what others want me to be
Muffins: more like an ice-cream person
One of Your Wish List Items: kitty
Time: too early
The Last Thing You Did: check my google reader
What You Are Wearing: way too many things
Your Favorite Weather: flowery
Your Favorite Book: Steppenwolf
The Last Thing You Ate: Lay's chips
Your Life: green
Your Mood: ecstatic [dunno why]
Your Best Friend: is whom I care for
What Your Thinking About Right Now: Brasov this weekend
Your Car: small and blue
What You Are Doing At The Moment: workin :D, can't you see?
Your Summer: dream like
Your Relationship Status: happily dating Alin
What Is On Your TV: no TV
What Is The Weather Like: so not like it should be
When Was The Last Time You Laughed: ten minutes ago

And the Leapsa goes to... Alin, Alexul, O picatura, Kamzara, Marcel si Sahara Penguin.


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