31 ianuarie 2009

Interviu cu Steve Jobs - 1985, revista Playboy

Aveti mai jos doar niste selectii din interviul cu Steve Jobs realizat de Playboy in 1985. Sincer, l-as fi pus pe tot pentru ca este cel mai frumos interviu pe care l-am citit vreodata, dar are 4 pagini. Il gasiti aici in varianta integrala. Chiar merita! Enjoy!

If anyone can be said to represent the spirit of an entrepreneurial generation, the man to beat for now is the charismatic cofounder and chairman of Apple Computer, Inc., Steven Jobs. He transformed a small business begun in a garage in Los Altos, California, into a revolutionary billion-dollar company—one that joined the ranks of the Fortune 500 in just five years, faster than any other company in history. And what’s most galling about it is that the guy is only 29 years old.

PLAYBOY: We were going to say guys like you and Steve Wozniak, working out of a garage only ten years ago. Just what is this revolution you two seem to have started?
JOBS: We’re living in the wake of the petrochemical revolution of 100 years ago. The petrochemical revolution gave us free energy—free mechanical energy, in this case. It changed the texture of society in most ways. This revolution, the information revolution, is a revolution of free energy as well, but of another kind: free intellectual energy. It’s very crude today, yet our Macintosh computer takes less power than a 100-watt light bulb to run and it can save you hours a day. What will it be able to do ten or 20 years from now, or 50 years from now? This revolution will dwarf the petrochemical revolution. We’re on the forefront.

PLAYBOY: What will change?
JOBS: The most compelling reason for most people to buy a computer for the home will be to link it into a nationwide communications network. We’re just in the beginning stages of what will be a truly remarkable breakthrough for most people—as remarkable as the telephone.

PLAYBOY: Most computers use key strokes to enter instructions, but Macintosh replaces many of them with something called a mouse—a little box that is rolled around on your desk and guides a pointer on your computer screen. It’s a big change for people used to keyboards. Why the mouse?
JOBS: If I want to tell you there is a spot on your shirt, I’m not going to do it linguistically: "There’s a spot on your shirt 14 centimeters down from the collar and three centimeters to the left of your button." If you have a spot—"There!" [He points]—I’ll point to it. Pointing is a metaphor we all know. We’ve done a lot of studies and tests on that, and it’s much faster to do all kinds of functions, such as cutting and pasting, with a mouse, so it’s not only easier to use but more efficient.

PLAYBOY: How long did it take to develop Macintosh?
JOBS: It was more than two years on the computer itself. We had been working on the technology behind it for years before that. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on something, but working on Macintosh was the neatest experience of my life. Almost everyone who worked on it will say that. None of us wanted to release it at the end. It was as though we knew that once it was out of our hands, it wouldn’t be ours anymore. When we finally presented it at the shareholders’ meeting, everyone in the auditorium stood up and gave it a five-minute ovation. What was incredible to me was that I could see the Mac team in the first few rows. It was as though none of us could believe that we’d actually finished it. Everyone started crying.

PLAYBOY: Does it take insane people to make insanely great things?
JOBS: Actually, making an insanely great product has a lot to do with the process of making the product, how you learn things and adopt new ideas and throw out old ideas. But, yeah, the people who made Mac are sort of on the edge.

PLAYBOY: Was any of your decision not to become compatible with IBM based on the fact that you didn’t want to knuckle under to IBM? One critic says that the reason Mac isn’t IBM-compatible is mere arrogance—that "Steve Jobs was saying ’Fuck you’ to IBM."
JOBS: It wasn’t that we had to express our manhood by being different, no.

PLAYBOY: Then why were you?
JOBS: The main thing is very simply that the technology we developed is superior. It could not be this good if we became compatible with IBM. Of course, it’s true that we don’t want IBM to dominate this industry. A lot of people thought we were nuts for not being IBM-compatible, for not living under IBM’s umbrella. There were two key reasons we chose to bet our company on not doing that: The first was that we thought—and I think as history is unfolding, we’re being proved correct—that IBM would fold its umbrella on the companies making compatible computers and absolutely crush them.

PLAYBOY: A lot of guys in their 40s are going to be real pleased with you. Let’s move on to the other thing that people talk about when they mention Apple—the company, not the computer. You feel a similar sense of mission about the way things are run at Apple, don’t you?
JOBS: I do feel there is another way we have an effect on society besides our computers. I think Apple has a chance to be the model of a Fortune 500 company in the late Eighties and early Nineties. Ten to 15 years ago, if you asked people to make a list of the five most exciting companies in America, Polaroid and Xerox would have been on everyone’s list. Where are they now? They would be on no one’s list today. What happened? Companies, as they grow to become multibillion-dollar entities, somehow lose their vision. They insert lots of layers of middle management between the people running the company and the people doing the work. They no longer have an inherent feel or a passion about the products. The creative people, who are the ones who care passionately, have to persuade five layers of management to do what they know is the right thing to do.

What happens in most companies is that you don’t keep great people under working environments where individual accomplishment is discouraged rather than encouraged. The great people leave and you end up with mediocrity. I know, because that’s how Apple was built. Apple is an Ellis Island company. Apple is built on refugees from other companies. These are the extremely bright individual contributors who were troublemakers at other companies.

PLAYBOY: You went to work for Hewlett-Packard. How did that happen?
JOBS: When I was 12 or 13, I wanted to build something and I needed some parts, so I picked up the phone and called Bill Hewlett—he was listed in the Palo Alto phone book. He answered the phone and he was real nice. He chatted with me for, like, 20 minutes. He didn’t know me at all, but he ended up giving me some parts and he got me a job that summer working at Hewlett-Packard on the line, assembling frequency counters. Assembling may be too strong. I was putting in screws. It didn’t matter; I was in heaven.

I remember my first day, expressing my complete enthusiasm and bliss at being at Hewlett-Packard for the summer to my supervisor, a guy named Chris, telling him that my favorite thing in the whole world was electronics. I asked him what his favorite thing to do was and he looked at me and said, "To fuck!" [Laughs] I learned a lot that summer.

PLAYBOY: Let’s talk about the money. You were a millionaire at 23——
JOBS: And when I was 24, my net worth was more than $10,000,000; when I was 25, it was more than $100,000,000.

PLAYBOY: What’s the main difference between having $1,000,000 and having several hundred million?
JOBS: Visibility. The number of people who have a net worth of more than $1,000,000 in this country is in the tens of thousands. The number of people who have a net worth of more than $10,000,000 gets down to thousands. And the number who have a net worth of more than $100,000,000 gets down to a few hundred.

Si un citat pe masura: "For the first 30 years of your life, you make your habits. For the last 30 years of your life, your habits make you."

EA lanseaza 3 Need for Speed-uri, anul acesta

EA to release three new ‘Need for Speed’ titles this year

Despite the covert underperformance of 'Need for Speed' games in 2008, Electronic Arts is reportedly planning three new additions to the game this year - Need for Speed: SHIFT; Need for Speed: NITRO; and Need for Speed: World Online!
Of the three new platform-specific titles, Need for Speed: SHIFT has already revealed itself; while the second title Need for Speed: NITRO is forthcoming, and the third title Need for Speed: World Online will be launched in Asia this summer and in North America this winter.

Deci anul asta am Need for Speed Shift si Nitro [World Online probabil nu ma voi juca], si Sims 3 :D [trecand peste faptul ca s-ar putea sa nu le pot face sa mearga pe Linux [si cand spun pot, ma refer la Alin :D]]. Now that's a good reason to install Windows! What to do, what to do?


O tânără a fost ucisă pe trecerea de pietoni de o maşină a Ambasadei Austriei
O tânără de 22 de ani a fost lovită mortal, în această dimineaţă, pe trecerea de pietoni, în zona Muzeul Satului din Bucureşti. Maşina implicată în accident aparţine Corpului Diplomatic al Ambasadei Austriei.

Cred ca e a 4-a oara cand citesc stirea asta in Reader. De fiecare data subliniindu-se faptul ca O MASINA A AMBASADEI AUSTRIEI a ucis o tanara. De parca ar fi a 10-a oara cand o masina a ambasadei Austriei loveste o tanara. Gresit! Este in schimb a multa, multa oara cand un pieton este lovit acolo! Semne de traversare instalate aiurea :-o?! Nuuuu, Doamne fereste! Masina Austriei, masina verde, masina rosie, masina sotiei prietenului lu' nu stiu cine! Ele, ele sunt de vina!

Pentru ca atat ne duce capul!

P.S. Eu, daca as fi pieton, n-as traversa pe-acolo decat daca nu as observa nicio masina pe o raza de cel putin o suta de metri!
Si sunt curioasa ce masuri se vor lua - atat impotriva conducatorului masinii diplomatice, cat si impotriva numarului mare de accidente petrecut in exact acelasi loc.

29 ianuarie 2009

Daca nu mi-ar fi frica...

Ioana, aka Child in Time, mi-a pasat o leapsa. Thx :">!
Si ce-as face eu daca nu mi-ar fi frica?

- mi-as asculta instinctele si as fugi, from time to time, lasand totul balta. Dar m-as intoarce intotdeauna de unde am lasat.
- as incepe propria mea afacere.
- mi-as cumpara motocicleta.
- as renunta la amabilitatile fortate.
- as face dreaptate my way.
- as invata sa inot.
- as invata sa pilotez si sa fac parasutism.
- and maybe, buy a tarantula as a pet :)!

27 ianuarie 2009

Mirel Radoi si fanii din Arabia Saudita

Mirel Radoi si-a facut deja fani infocati la Al Hilal. Which is kind of nice!

Primesc azi mesaj pe Facebook:

Hi, One of my friends created a page of Mirel Radoi who did a grate match in his first debut for our team AL HILAL in Saudi Arabia. we will be happy to join us and support your grate player "ZORRO" You can find the latest photos and vedios of the player in the following link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mirel-Radoi/119811475611 Yours, Sarah Addel. Saudi Arabia

Facem abstractie de greseli si intram:

Mirel Matei Rădoi (nickname: "Zorro" or "The Captain")

Grupul are deja peste 100 de fani [ofcourse I joined :D].

Si una din pozele de-acolo:

25 ianuarie 2009

Strange World

Sursa: MyHumors

24 ianuarie 2009

Tot din seria - sfaturi pentru invatat

Prima parte o gasiti aici - Sfat pentru examen

De data asta vorbim despre cheful de gatit - care este practic inexistent in orice alte zile. Vine brusc atunci cand stii ca a doua zi ai examen.

Pofta de ciupercute umplute - dar modificate ulterior :D. Cumparat ciuperci din Real - pierdut vreo 40 de minute [voi puteti sa le cumparati din alta parte].

Spalat si curatat ciupercile [pus la uscat], taiat o mica bucata de pui cubulete, taiat o rosie cubulete, taiat cozile de ciuperci. Pus puiul la prajit, adaugat rosia si ciupercile taiate. Adaugat sos de pizza de la Spring. Calit. Pus ciupercile in tava, umplut cu amestecatura si adaugat mici cubulete de cascaval. Aveti mai jos poza de inainte si dupa.

Evident ca ma laud cu ele avand in vedere ca my cooking skills are yet to be improved. Alin zice ca e cea mai buna chestie pe care am gatit-o vreodata. Tinand cont ca e foarte pretentios - e de bine. Tinand cont ca eu gatesc atat de rar - nu e prea relevant.

Oricum, it's a good quick meal! A durat mai mult sa cumpar ciupercile decat sa le gatesc! Bon appetit!

Si da, spor la invatat si voua :-"!

23 ianuarie 2009

Pe ce mai dau oamenii banii


Firma Border Collie Rescue va asigura serviciile de indepartare a pasarilor de pe Aeroportul Henri Coanda (Otopeni) pentru siguranta navigatiei aeriene prin utilizarea cainilor de rasa Border Collie, printr-un contract in valoare de peste 1,6 mil. lei (circa 400.000 euro), au anuntat oficialii aeroportului.
Firma va pune la dispozitie 6 caini pentru indepartarea pasarilor, plus insotitori calificati, conform acestora.

Sursa: DailyBusiness

Pe langa suma penibil de mare (400.000 de euro), stau si ma gandesc... acei caini vin cu insotitori calificati - fara caini, insotitorii singuri nu erau in stare sa goneasca niste pasari? Zic si eu.

Nu pot decat sa cred ca niste nepoti de-ai 'oficialilor' nu erau in stare sa faca nimic asa ca au inventat meseria de 'insotitor de caine' care goneste pasarile de pe aeroport. Au mai spalat si niste bani, au mai gasit de munca si la niste nepoti/ fii, si au salvat si niste caini de hingheri. Everybody's happy!

When people just don't know when to give up!

Primul vocalist al celebrei trupe timişorene, Mony Bordeianu, se reîntoarce în sânul legendarei formaţii pentru un concert clujean de promovare a albumului „Back to the Future“.
Peste mai bine de patruzeci de ani, primul solist al grupului timişorean revine în ţară, la Cluj, pentru a susţine pe 29 ianuarie un concert de promovare a LP-ului „Back to the Future“ semnat de Phoenix şi Mony Bordeianu.
Sursa: Cotidianul

Nicu Covaci nu stie cand sa renunte! Nu putea el sa lase oamenii cu o amintire frumoasa despre Phoenix, in loc sa continue in tampenia lui un proiect mort de foarte mult timp? In loc sa ramana o legenda, oamenii isi vor aminti de vocea lui ragusita pe care o are in prezent, de atitudinea lui aroganta, si de scandalurile de-a lungul timpului cu toti membrii trupei. Probabil Mony Bordeianu a ramas singurul care-l mai suporta, given the fact ca nu au mai facut parte din aceeasi formatie timp de 40 de ani.

22 ianuarie 2009

Istoria patinajului...

Sau mai bine zis, istoria patinatorilor/ patinatoarelor... si nici macar aia toti, ci doar cei care mi-au placut mie! Am auzit caaa, aparent este gay chiar si pentru o fata sa se uite la patinaj artistic [ar spune unii] :p.

Nu-s adepta filmuletelor de pe YouTube puse pe blog, si nu, nu o sa-mi tranform blogul intr-o colectie YouTube, insa astea chiar merita.

Primul pe lista patinatorilor preferati....
1. Philipe Candeloro

Si cel mai cunoscut program al lui:

- nascut pe 17 februarie 1972 [deci acum are cam 37 de ani], in Courbevoie, Franta
- cel mai tanar din patru copii [ ca si mine :D]
- tatal lui a fost mason
- s-a apucat de patinaj la 7 ani [a incercat ceva masculin, gen hochey, dar s-a reprofilat spre patinaj artistic]
- este casatorit cu dansatoarea Olivia Darmon si are trei fetite
- miscarea care-i poarta numele, in care se roteste si cade in genunchi pe gheata, este interzisa in competitiile de amatori
Sursa: Wikipedia

Pentru cei care nu stiu deja acest lucru patinajul sta la loc de cinste langa fotbal, gimnastica, ski jumping si atletism... cel putin in conceptia mea. Secundar, mi se mai pare ok si voleiul, hocheiul, scrima, handbalul si inotul. Doar ca nu am o 'cultura' a lor. In sensul ca nu pierdeam nopti pentru a le urmari :D! Hope u enjoy it!

17 ianuarie 2009

5 site-uri de care parintii vostri cred ca exista

Eu va voi arata doar unul, care mi s-a parut absolut genial. Si fiti atenti la detalii. Pe restul 4 le gasiti pe icehot.wordpress.com.

FaceSPACE - The only site that lets old skeezy men corrupt your children for free!
Your home's hidden key: Under the red rock on the porch!
Parent's Fall Asleep Around: 10:30

Iar commenturile din dreapta sunt foarte funny!

15 ianuarie 2009


Pinguinul nostru preferat mi-a dat o leapsa...

Trebuie sa aleg 5 produse de pe site-ul CharityGift si sa motivez de ce... pretty nice, so here goes:

- papusa Barbie Mariposa - pentru ca intotdeauna mi-am dorit o papusa Barbie [better late then never :D]

- o agenda cu pix - pentru ca sunt moarta dupa obiectele de papetarie

- suport memo broscuta - extrem de utile chestiile astea :D

- geanta de umar rosu - chic!

- Diavoliada si alte povestiri - Mihail Bulgakov - pentru ca mi-a placut Maestrul si Margareta...

In legatura cu postul de mai jos... just had the worst interview ever today! Cum pot oamenii sa dea 70.000 de euro pe un sistem audio si 24.000 pe un televizor si cate alte familii ar putea ajuta cu doar un sfert din suma asta? De kkt!

Totul e de vanzare

Nu m-am maturizat inca, ceea ce cred ca nu-i o surpriza pentru nimeni. Am luat viata ca pe-un joc, you win some, you loose some, dar fiind obsedata sa castig m-am gandit ca eu n-am cum sa pierd orice as face gresit.

Existau si optiuni de Help, Show Hint [ca doar pentru ce-s parintii, fratii si prietenii!!], dar unii se incapataneaza sa ia cele mai multe puncte din joc pe cont propriu. Cat de greu poate fi sa inveti un joc fara instructiuni si sa te prinzi din mers ce trebuie sa faci?

Nu cunosti insa actiunile care iti scad automat punctajul, actiunile si gandurile care te aduc in situatia in care restartul ar fi genial. Dupa incercari esuate de a gasi butonul de erase and start over, constati ca jocul viata are un mare bug. Dai din colt in colt, dar doar pentru a afla ca serverul de joc a pastrat totul, nu-i pasa ca Ram-ul nu mai face fata, ca placa video si hard-ul sunt depasite.

Si cu totii ne indreptam spre GAME OVER, indiferent de punctaj!!! Nici macar nu o sa poti sa te bucuri de el! Unii vor spune ca punctarea a fost incorecta, ca faptul ca s-a tinut departe de toti si ca si-a trait viata ar trebui punctat mai mult, altii ca faptul ca a dat nastere la doi copii si a trait o viata linistita merita un bonus, si tot asa. Dar degeaba!

Si poate de-abia la sfarsit vor afla ca a existat intotdeauna optiunea de cheat. Banii cumpara totul! Pornesc cu avantajul unei familii bogate, cu avantajul unui camin fericit, cu avantajul unei minti lipsite de traumele copilariei. Sfarsesc jocul cu un ram fericit, cu un hard pe 70% liber, si cu bonus obtinut din invidia prietenilor, pentru ca cine nu-i are pe bune, ii cumpara! Pentru ca tot ce trebuia sa ti se spuna de la inceputul jocului era ca 'Totul e de vanzare'! Poate multi si-ar fi pastrat din energia irosita pentru o cauza pierduta!

13 ianuarie 2009

The Death Report

142,823 People

Created by OnePlusYou

Si mai mult:
Natural disasters in 1985
* Armero tragedy
* Hurricane Gloria
* 1985 Mendoza earthquake
* 1985 Mexico City earthquake
* Nevado del Ruiz
* Tropical Storm Isabel (1985)
* United States-Canadian Outbreak

People who died on July 13 (various years)
* 2006 - Red Buttons, American comedian
* 2004 - Carlos Kleiber, Austrian conductor
* 2004 - Arthur Kane, American musician
* 2003 - Compay Segundo, Cuban musician
* 2002 - Yousuf Karsh, Turkish-born photographer
* 1997 - Miguel Ángel Blanco, Spanish politician
* 1996 - Pandro S. Berman, American film producer
* 1995 - Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, Danish toy manufacturer (Lego Group)
* 1993 - Davey Allison, American race car driver
* 1983 - Gabrielle Roy, Canadian author
* 1980 - Seretse Khama, first President of Botswana
* 1976 - Joachim Peiper, German military leader
* 1974 - Patrick Blackett, Nobel Prize laureate
* 1973 - Willy Fritsch, German film actor
* 1967 - Tom Simpson, British cyclist
* 1965 - Photios Kontoglou, Greek writer, painter and iconographer
* 1960 - Joy Gresham, American writer
* 1955 - Ruth Ellis, last woman to get the death sentence in Britain
* 1954 - Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter
* 1951 - Arnold Schoenberg, Austrian composer
* 1946 - Alfred Stieglitz, American photographer
* 1922 - Martin Dies, American politician
* 1921 - Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg scientist
* 1896 - Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz, German chemist
* 1889 - Robert Hamerling, Austrian poet
* 1882 - Johnny Ringo, American Gunfighter
* 1807 - Henry Benedict Stuart, Jacobite claimant to the throne of England
* 1793 - Jean-Paul Marat, French revolutionary
* 1789 - Victor de Riqueti, marquis de Mirabeau, French economist
* 1762 - James Bradley, English Astronomer Royal
* 1761 - Tokugawa Ieshige, Japanese shogun
* 1760 - Conrad Weiser, Pennsylvania's ambassador to the Native Americans
* 1755 - Edward Braddock, British general
* 1705 - Titus Oates, English Protestant conspirator
* 1693 - Hendrik Trajectinus, Count of Solms, Dutch lieutenant-general
* 1683 - Arthur Capell, 1st Earl of Essex, English statesman
* 1645 - Tsar Michael I of Russia
* 1629 - Caspar Bartholin the Elder, Swedish physician and theologian
* 1628 - Robert Shirley, English adventurer
* 1626 - Robert Sidney, 1st Earl of Leicester, English statesman
* 1621 - Archduke Albert of Austria, Governor of the Low Countries
* 1551 - John Wallop, English soldier and diplomat
* 1402 - Jianwen Emperor of China
* 1399 - Peter Parler, German architect
* 1357 - Bartolus de Saxoferrato Italian jurist
* 1205 - Hubert Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury and Justicier of England
* 1189 - Matilda of England, daughter of Henry II of England
* 939 - Pope Leo VII

Adica 48 de oameni importanti au murit de ziua mea, de-a lungul anilor. Pe wikipedia gasiti si cine s-a nascut atunci [nu ca v-ar interesa pe voi in mod special, dar mie-mi pasa in narcisismul meu].

Sursa: RobbieSays.net

10 ianuarie 2009


Empirical evidence that cats are bullies.

Sursa: snewzbutton.com

Sfat pentru examen...

Pe principiul asa nu:
- trezit dimineata [ora 9 jumatate] - prea de dimineata parca pentru a ma apuca de invatat.
- freacat aiurea la calculator
- tentativa de invatat pe la ora 11.30
- nu prea mult chef pentru ca la 13 plecare si pana la urma cat de mult poti sa inveti intr-o ora si jumatate?
- intors acasa la 17.30
- evident facut mancare, la fel de evident si mancat mancare
- daca tot mancat mancare, trebuie si uitat la ceva
- cautat film, gasit film, downloadat film
- terminat de mancat, film inca in derulare
- film plictisitor > nani
- ora 8 si ceva - incercat motivat invatat
- uitat peste cat e de invatat, speriat
- nevoie de muzica. Si ce muzica poti sa VREI CU ARDOARE sa asculti decat muzica pe care NU o ai in momentul respectiv pe hard
- cautat x-celent de la OCS, nu gasit [trist], trebuie alternativa
- amintit de forumul OCS, pierdut timp si pe-acolo
- gasit Maria Ioana, amuzat, vrut Parazitii
- cautat Parazitii
- constientizat faptul ca e ora 23 si am rezolvat 20 din cele circa 200 si ceva de subiecte intrebare-raspuns [nu grila ca pana acum] puse pe site-ul facultatii.
- bagat picioarele in intentia de a invata cinstit si cauta prin cursuri raspunsurile
- gasit forum cu raspunsuri
- vazut ca raspunsurile sunt de fapt un fisier word cu 26 de pagini
- constientizat situatia imposibila
- venit idee geniala
- intrat pe site, cautat o grupa cu alta zi de examen la materia asta
- problema rezolvata

... dupa marea tentativa nereusita de invatat la examen ce a fost ziua asta, concluzia mea este ca tot principiile vechi sunt cele mai bune. Patru ani de facultate n-am picat niciun examen, nici macar in ultimii doi cand m-am angajat. Pentru ca nu vad de ce m-as duce la un examen ca sa copiez, sa iau 5 [singura data cand principiul asta nu s-a aplicat a fost in sesiunea cu 24 de restante :D] sau sa-l pic.

Deci, am rezolvat si cu primul nostru examen. Pentru urmatoarele ma apuc de invatat din timp.
Mi se pare aiurea sa te inscrii de buna voie la o a doua facultate la ID pentru ca-ti place subiectul si pentru ca esti constient ca iti va folosi in meserie si sa nu inveti cum trebuie. I suck!

9 ianuarie 2009

Is it just me...?

Azi am citit peste tot ca, ieri, circulatia in Bucuresti a fost ingreunata din cauza zapezii.

Eu cu o medie de 20 la ora am facut jumatate de ora de la Unirea pana la Casa Presei, la ora 18 cand de obicei e plin si fac minim 45 de minute, si cam 40 de minute de la Casa Presei pana la Universitate, in conditiile in care, de obicei, la ora aia fac minim o ora. Si da, tot cu 20-30 la ora am mers pentru ca masinuta mea fara cauciucuri de iarna o ia razna la viteza mai mare pe zapada.

So, doar eu am fost fericita ca lumea s-a speriat de zapada si a ramas acasa, traficul fiind mult mai ok decat tot restul saptamanii?

7 ianuarie 2009

De ce-mi place mie Cotidianul

Pentru ca nu se arunca spre 'senzational' ca celelalte ziare.

Cotidianul - Calea Lactee si Andromeda se vor ciocni in 7 miliarde de ani
Evenimentul Zilei - Calea Lactee se va ciocni cu vecina sa, Andromeda
Mediafax - Calea Lactee si Andromeda, pe traiectorie de coliziune
Realitatea - Calea Lactee s-ar putea ciocni cu cea mai apropiata galaxie mai devreme decat se astepta

Eu din celelate titluri inteleg ca tre sa ma duc sa-mi pup familia si sa-mi iau adio, caci maine-poimaine se ciocneste Calea Lactee cu Andromeda!

6 ianuarie 2009

Steaua isi deschide un magazin oficial in Unirea Shopping Center

Intotdeauna mi-am dorit sa scriu o stire despre Steaua [lucru cam greu de realizat cand tu esti in presa economica si ai ca domeniu de baza IT&C-ul]. Stiu, microbistii sunt naspa, microbistele si mai si, fotbalul suge, etc. Personal, I don't actually care! Sunt stelista de la 4 ani, toti ai mei sunt stelisti, vreo doi ani cat a tinut pasiunea mea pentru atletism ne baga antrenorul la meciurile Stelei, iar Lacatus era preferatul meu inca de pe vrea cazaturilor faimoase.

So, din greseala - adica sunat Bobby Durbac, fost country manager BenQ pentru o stire cu BenQ, constatat ca mai nou lucreaza la Steaua, si cerut mai multe informatii - am aflat ca reteaua de magazine a Stelei va creste cu 15 magazine anul asta si ca pana la sfarsitul lunii vom avea un magazin oficial in Unirea. Intre timp am descoperit ca site-ul oficial a fost imbunatatit [lucru ce s-a intamplat probabil de ceva timp, dar eu nu am mai intrat de si mai mult]. Au magazin online, bilete online iar tot ce trebuie sa fac acum este sa ma abtin sa nu comand nimic! Criza, stiti voi :">!

Articolul il gasiti aici:
Clubul Steaua vrea sa dubleze vanzarile retelei nationale de magazine

Phishing Scam Raiffeisen Bank

E cam al cincilea mail primit pe tema asta. In prima faza am crezut ca-si fac reclama. A doua si a treia oara le-am raportat ca phishing scam la Hotmail, insa evident nu a avut niciun efect, primind inca de doua ori acelasi mail, tot in Inbox. Nu stiu pentru ce mai este butonasul ala acolo.

So, pentru cei mai creduli, care chiar aveti Internet Banking la Raiffeisen, don't push the button! Se vede clar cand tii cursorul pe link-ul sugerat in mail ca veti fi redirectionati catre o adresa falsa.

5 ianuarie 2009

43 Things Personality Quiz

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Tree Hugging Organized Extrovert

Nu stiu ce-nseamna, dar asta sunt!
Test gasit aici!

2 ianuarie 2009

New Year's Party at my Place

Am tot citit pe bloguri despre revelionul manelistic de pe Antena 1, despre kkt-urile de pe ProTV si Prima and so on. Sa inteleg ca nimeni nu a mai avut televizorul lasat [pe mute, caci e mai bine] pe Realitatea TV in seara de Revelion? Si nimeni nu a mai fost oripilat de retrospectiva anului 2008 care era format numai din crime, dezastre, inundatii, bombe, etc. Stirile de la ora 5 par mici copil pe langa programul creat special de Anul Nou de idiotii de la Realitatea! Mi-a placut mai ales cand se laudau ca Realitatea TV a filmat in exclsuvitate durerea unei mame care isi va pierde fiul in crimele din Israel. Ya, that's the shit :|!

Trecand peste asta, revelionul de anul acesta a fost cel mai frumos - seara a inceput cu un pahar mic de Bloody Mary [creat cu mult talent de Didi], a continuat cu zbantuiala pana la ora 2, apoi cu chitara si cantecele funny ale lui Dan [traduse cu iscusinta de Razvan, cu karaoke [unde Violent Pornography de la System of a Down nu a fost atat de apreciat pe cat as fi crezut], si mima [unde mi s-a aratat ca poate dura o jumatate de ora sa mimezi Craiasa Zapezii, sau castraveti murati :D, Alin!].

1 ianuarie 2009


So, Alin mi-a gasit jucarie reddit.com. Un fel de digg, dar mult mai dragut. Umblu pe el de cateva ore si inca apar chestii dragute. Deci asta face toata lumea pe 1 ianuarie.

Poza este, evident, gasita acolo. Acestea fiind spuse... LA MULTI ANI!