20 ianuarie 2008

I like emo kids

Cum trebuie sa termin urgent de scos un interviu din reportofon m-am gandit ca potrivit este sa mai rasfoiesc blogurile. Mi-a placut foarte mult o zi din viata unui emo kid... e mult prea tare. Revin cu un post. Pana atunci, pentru cei care nu stiu ce inseamna emo, definitia de pe wikipedia:

- Emo is also sometimes associated with a certain fashion. The term "emo" is sometimes stereotyped with tight jeans on males and females alike, long fringe (bangs) brushed to one side of the face or over one or both eyes, dyed black, straight hair, tight t-shirts which often bear the names of rock bands (or other designed shirts), studded belts, belt buckles, canvas sneakers or skate shoes or other black shoes (often old and beaten up) and thick, black horn-rimmed glasses. Emo fashion has changed with time. Early trends included straight, unparted hair (similar to that of Romulans and Vulcans in Star Trek), tightly fitting sweaters, button-down shirts, and work jackets.

- In recent years, emo, in the popular media, has been associated with a stereotype that includes being emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angsty. It is also associated with depression, self-injury, and suicide.

- si link-ul http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emo_%28slang%29


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